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About Us

Founded in 1983, AMC Investments is a Southern California based investment firm specializing in commercial real estate. To date, AMC has been involved in the ownership of more than 200 properties with total transaction volume in excess of $4.5 Billion. AMC partners with top sponsors to identify investments in select markets and product spaces that align with AMC’s principal objectives which are capital growth, income and the mitigation of risk.

While primarily focused on Multi-Family investments, AMC balances its objectives through geographic and investment diversity (including value-add, new construction, work force and micro apartment investments) in selected markets throughout the United States.

AMC’s current portfolio is valued at approximately $1.5 Billion and consists of 57 properties totaling more than 8.2 Million square feet in eight states, including more than 10,000 apartment units and 1,300 self-storage units. AMC’s President Jim Hopper and his wife Gloria affirm their confidence in every AMC transaction by investing as a limited partner, or member, alongside AMC’s more than 1,700 active accredited investors.

Our Strategy

AMC partners with top sponsors to identify investments in select markets and product spaces. In other words, AMC defines the geographic locations and product types that it wants to invest in, and then finds the best partners to joint venture with in those market spaces.


AMC targets transactions that are too small for institutional investors but above the point at which high net worth individuals can operate with AMC’s level of efficiency. In doing so, AMC is able to provide sponsors with ready access to capital while also providing AMC investors access to larger transactions that they otherwise could never invest in.


AMC has never failed to close on a transaction that underwrote as it was originally presented.